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Here are several questions and answers that will help you.

Q: My son/daughter has never played organized football, should I sign him/her up for Friday Night Lights?

A: Every player level is welcome. Because our format is considered one of the best, every player gets an equal amount of playing time and the teams are fairly balanced.

Q: What day and time are practices?
A: The practice day and time are determined by the coach, with team input as to the best most opportune time to practice for everyone.

Q: How often do teams practice?
A: Teams may ONLY practice ONCE per week and practices may not last longer than 1.5 hours per session.

Q: When are the games played?
A: Fields are at Lake Forest Sports Park

Q: Is there a sibling discount when registering two or more kids

A: Yes there is a $10 sibling discount

Q: When does the league start play?
A: South OC FNL Spring League sign-ups open November 1st with practice beginning in February with games in late February through late May. Fall League registration begins in April with practices and games played beginning in September through November.

Q: I would like my son to play with one of his friends from school.  Is that possible?
A: Yes, we encourage friends playing with friends.  We have a section in the registration process that asks what friends you would like your son/daughter to play with.

Q: What are the Friday Night Lights Flag Football Rules?
A: The Official rules can be found on the League websites under "RULES".

Q: What are the age groups or divisions?
A: The Divisional program offers the opportunity for five coed divisions; Kindergarten, 1st-2nd grade,  3rd-4th grade, 5th-6th grade, and 7th-8th grade, 5U-14U,  for boys and girls. Our coaches acquaint players with the fundamentals of the game, teach proper passing, catching, running, and defensive skills. We also teach good sportsmanship and teamwork concepts during the season.

Q: Do the players get jerseys or t-shirts?
A: Each player gets a nylon pro mesh replica jersey with numbers front and back. Each team can personalize their jerseys with last names or nick names. These are not t-shirts, or jerseys with massive logos, they are similar in look and feel as actual college/pro game jerseys. They look the part.

Q: Does South OC FNL take any precautionary measures for my child’s safety?
A: Yes, all of coaches and board members submit for background checks.

Q: What is South OC FNL refund policy?
A: South OC FNL is fully funded by registration fees and donations. Because of this full refunds are granted prior to team development and the start of the season. Refund requests prior to the start of the season are minus administrative fees associated with credit card processing and merchant account fees. 

Q: What kind of format is played?
A: South OC FNL plays a 6 on 6 game for 4 quarters. In this game, the offensive team plays for a first down at midfield and a touchdown in the end zone. Running and passing plays are allowed, although there are “no running zones” at midfield and near each goal line. The defensive team covers receivers, rushes the passer and grabs flags to make “tackles”. The game is a “non-contact” sport which emphasizes good footwork, balance and hand-eye coordination.

Q: Are there playoffs and Championships?
A: Yes, with the league, there is a single elimination tournament at the end of the season.

Q: Are there any kind of All Star’s or tournament?
A: Yes, at the end of the Spring season there is a “Tournament of Champions” where the top two teams from each division will play in a tournament against the other 22 leagues in Southern California.

Q: What size football should my son/daughter use?
A: In the Kinder and 1st/2nd Grade Divisions boys and girls use a “MINI” ball, 3rd/4th & 5th/6th boys and girls uses a “PEE-WEE” size ball, 7th/8th Grade Division boys and girls use a “Junior” size ball. All  FNL size footballs are available for purchase at the fields on Friday Nights at the South OC FNL tent and at all Coaches Clinics and Camps.