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Refund Policy


South OC FNL is a non-profit organization. Registration and sponsorship fees go to cover all expenses: field fees, uniforms and flags, trophies, equipment purchasing and maintenance, officials, insurance, advertising, etc. All teams for both football and cheer will be required to have a team sponsorship (except in the K Division).

REFUND POLICY: There are NO REFUNDS issued after the stated date (NO REFUND DATE) on the registration page and on the front of the website unless it is an overpayment, duplicate payment, or division or team cancellation by South OC FNL commissioner or board.  All Sponsorships and/or donations to the league are non-refundable.  All refund request placed in writing prior to the close of registration will be processed within 14 days of request or 30 days of the close of registration depending on the time of the request.  Please send all refund requests to