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Coaches Corner


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10 Tips for Quarterbacks


1. Be a leader: Make good decisions, motivate your team mates, be passionate, have a great work ethic and character. 

2. Keep your throwing elbow up: Keep it above your shoulder and don’t throw sidearm. 

3. Practice accuracy: Be precise and hit your target. 

4. Have quick feet: Work at jumping rope and other drills that enforce nimble footwork. 

5. Strengthen the core: Exercise abdominal muscles, lower back, legs and hips. 

6. Have a good attitude: Respect everyone, be positive, accept criticism, and act like a winner. 

7. Keep head steady and eyes focused: Zero in on your target when you throw. 

8. Explode away from the center: When dropping back to pass, practice moving away from the center with speed and purpose. 

9. Warm-up gradually: Move your elbow and shoulder slowly and with control until warm and loose. 

10. Improve your grip: Practice grabbing a football and releasing it. 

Coaches Corner


At South Orange County Friday Night Lights Flag Football we believe that any great league begins with great coaches, positive attitudes and encouraging words.
This area of our website is for volunteers and coaches to gain insight into our philosophy towards youth sports, football and parent involvement.

Character Counts and sportsmanship is the best message we can all help deliver when dealing with players and parents in youth sports.

This league can only thrive with the involvement of parents and friends like you. Whether you know it or not, you will play an enormous role in the development of the Friday Night Lights participant both on and off the field.  We have heard countless success stories of how players have grown due to caring coaches. This responsibility can and will be very rewarding to you!

Sound daunting? Don’t worry!  Being a great coach is not as difficult as you may think.  Are you still a little apprehensive because you think that you don’t know the difference between a button hook and a slant?  Do you think you're not qualified?  Excellent! Your willingness to question your own knowledge shows that you possess one of the key elements for success; you care enough about others to honestly evaluate yourself.  This sign of good character combined with the right resources of knowledge will enable you to provide your team with a great experience.

Some think in order to effectively coach you must have an extensive knowledge of technique and tactics for the specific sport.  Quite simply, this is not true.  It is much more important to have the appropriate coaching mentality when it comes to youth sports.

In an effort to make your job more enjoyable as a Friday Night Lights Coach, we have created the Coaches Corner to use as a resource.

Once again, we must say that your participation in our league is invaluable and we appreciate your time and energy. We hope that you enjoy this experience as much as we do!

The South Orange County Friday Night Lights Staff