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Training videos and customer support

I wanted to pass along some training and “how to” videos for you and your Board.   Most videos are only a few minutes long and one is a full length training.  Many of my clients have found them helpful and have made a Private page on their sites to copy and paste this information to pass along to new board members.  Most videos are only a few minutes long and one is a full length training.  If you need any assistance please give me a call.


Training videos:



  • Basic reporting

  • Advanced reporting

  • Registration Settings

  • Registration Highlights

  • How to create a report

  • Finance Tab

  • How to manually register users

Dibs (volunteer managment)

  • Dibs overview

  • Dibs session

  • Issuing credits

  • How to import and export Dib items

  • Manually adding Dib items and categories

  • How general users can claim Dibs


  • How to add a News Aggregator

  • How to add a News Slideshow

  • Tagging News Articles

Widgets  Widgets are specific previews of team, Division, or League Tools.  It allows you to display a subset of data anywhere on your website.

  • How to create a Stats widget

  • How to create a Roster widget

  • Standings widget

  • What is a widget?

  • Game schedule widget

Schedule Upload

  • Overview

Login/Admin Control Panel

  • Overview

Creating Pages

  • Adding pages

Layout Containers

  • Layout containers overview

Page Elements

  • Page Elements


  • Aggregators

  • How to add an article

Creating teams

  • Creating teams

Full Training Session Video


Email Support Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am to 11pm CST

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: 3pm to 11pm CST


Phone Support Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm CST

1-888-255-7840, Option 3

items needed to set up a registration

USA ePay

Source key: 4V5BbVb1VCZA9jEE0CqVa9oGIE3u81M4


PIN:  6411

Link to set up a new registration:


Link to online registration training webinar held weekly on Fridays--make sure to register for the webinar ahead of time:


Tips, tricks, best practices from other Sport Ngin webmasters